JMMH Counseling

JMMH Counseling offers talk therapy for individual adolescents and adults, couples, and families through a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. We offer convenient, flexible hours (including evening and weekend appointment options). Our goal in therapy is to create a safe environment in which therapists may collaborate with clients to identify tools to reach their goals.

From the first communication, our therapists will seek to understand the nuances of the clients and their presenting issues. During the initial intake session, we will cover issues related to treatment and answer any questions that may arise. 

We will also begin to establish a therapeutic relationship and discuss treatment goals. Through guidance and insight, clients will become more autonomous and develop healthy strategies to use in their everyday lives.

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P: (949) 774-9829

F: (612) 500-4891


PO Box 10061

Brea, CA 92822